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Audio is in our DNA, specifically in helping and advising Regional & Local businesses to harness the unique power of audio advertising to achieve their marketing objectives.

audioadpro is made up of a team of passionate audio people that have transitioned from traditional broadcast audio ad backgrounds in commercial radio into a truly digital audio space.

Bringing together a wealth of experience in Radio, Digital Audio and Online Digital PPC, SEO and Online Marketing helped audioadpro have a clear mission;

To bring clarity, understanding and a simple point of entry to ‘real’ connected digital audio ads across all available publisher platforms, to local and regional advertisers and driving more results across all advertising activity on and offline.

Our unique position at audioadpro means we can design, create and serve completely unbiassed audio ad campaigns to the right audience, on the right platforms, in the right locations for our clients.

audioadpro is headed by joint founders Roger Cutsforth and Michael Dobson. 

Michael & Roger have a combined back catalogue in the regional audio ad industry of over 60 years and along with the rest of the adstreama team, have developed a service specifically for advertisers who don’t have the time, knowledge or resource to exploit the huge opportunities that audio advertising now offers businesses.


What price wastage?

Whether it be CPTs in linear radio or CPMs in digital audio, many buyers are fixated on them as a


Last year, The Guardian and Tapestry research published their findings on how podcast advertising works. The study is called “A

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