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Mobile in-game advertising.

2.9 Billion people globally play games on their mobile phones ranging from puzzles and word games like Candy Crush and Sudoku through to survival games like Fortnite. The scale and opportunity for business is enormous and in-game audio advertisements are becoming an increasingly popular and effective choice.

The mobile gaming audience is mainstream, from gaming Mums to Students and the average gaming session is 1.5 hours, with the average player spending 8.75 hours per week playing.

What are Mobile Gaming Audio Adverts?

Traditionally in game mobile advertising has primarily used display and video, but games publishers are increasingly favouring audio instead of video, because the interruptive nature of video ads are having an adverse effect on user enjoyment. In-game audio ads on the other hand are complimentary to the user experience, serving advertisers messages without interrupting the game itself.


2.9 billion people worldwide play Mobile Games and in game audio advertising is a huge opportunity.


There are 11.8 million mobile gamers in the UK alone and the biggest player group is Females 30-40 offering advertisers numbers that would justify inclusion to any audio advertising schedule.


Mobile gamers are disengaging from traditional video ads as they interrupt the experience and so Games Publishers are increasingly looking to audio ads to retain players and still monetise their games.


Whether the mobile gamer is sat at home on the sofa or occupying themselves on public transport, they are actively engaged in the experience, providing advertisers a captive audience to talk to.


Mobile gaming audio ads can be customised to suit the brand’s voice and message, allowing very personalised that resonate.
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Data Led

As with all of the audio advertising channels, follow the audience data and don’t make assumptions based on personal taste/usage.


The user environment for mobile game players is very different to the more passive experience of listening to podcasts, radio or music streams. The audience is highly engaged in the game, tailor your advertising communication to the environment and context the listener is in.

It’s Different

Don’t repurpose advertisements created for other audio channels, in-game audio is different, invest in specific creative treatments for the channel.


Mobile in-game audio ads are measurable, you can track the number of impressions, clicks and conversions. Use the analytics to monitor and improve campaigns and learn from the data for future activity.

Mobile gaming audio adverts offer a unique opportunity for businesses to reach a wide audience in a cost-effective and engaging way. They offer a high level of targeting, customization, and measurability, making them an ideal platform for businesses to create targeted and personalized messages that resonate with their audience. With the rise of mobile gaming and the growing number of users of these games, mobile gaming audio adverts are set to become an increasingly important advertising platform for businesses.

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