Last year, The Guardian and Tapestry research published their findings on how podcast advertising works.

The study is called “A Word in Your Ear. Perfect Podcast Planning”. It was a national survey, evaluating the effectiveness of podcast advertising. It also included Biometric analysis, testing responses to programme content and advertisements in podcasts and on the radio.

Key findings include;

“Podcasts command the highest levels of attention of any media channel.”

51% of weekly podcast listeners agreed with the statement “Ads on podcasts made me want to shop with/buy something from the brand”

56% of respondents “think more positively about a brand” from hearing their ads on Radio, this increased to 66% when exposed to Radio and Podcasts.

47% of those exposed to Digital Branded Content only felt it “improved my opinion about the brand,” increasing to 64% when Podcast ads were added into the mix.

Podcasts are “an intimate and immersive format, podcasts work brilliantly with other formats that perform higher up the funnel – making radio campaigns more thought-provoking, adding trust to display and driving affinity with branded content.”

In summary, advertising on podcasts can substantially add value and effectiveness to your advertising mix, but the problem of which podcasts and publishers and what verticals to choose remains for most advertisers.

Do we go with “The Guardian, Spotify, Acast, Deezer, DAX, Instream, Podfront, Audible, Audioboom or the plethora of other podcast platforms/publishers available in the UK alone? 

Before your head explodes and you consign podcast advertising to the “too hard bin,” speak to us at audioadpro about helping plan effective podcast campaigns, integrated with online radio advertising and your existing digital activity.

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