Smart Objectives in Digital, Connected Audio Advertising via audioadpro…


S = Specific

M = Measurable

A = Achievable

R = Realistic

T = Timely


Audio, specifically connected audio, is the ubiquitous companion in our daily lives, consumed primarily through Smart Phones and Smart Speakers. 

The Smart Phone is, unsurprisingly perhaps, the primary conduit for listening to Online Music Streaming, Podcasts and playing Mobile Games

The Smart Speaker [e.g. Amazon’s Alexa] is also a hugely popular choice for listening to Online Music Streaming, Podcasts and for Online Radio Stations they now account for the majority of listening at over 24% for the first time, according to RAJAR Q4 2022 [Radio’s Joint Audience Research].

Over 41% [Statista January 2023] of adults between the ages of 16 – 64 own a Smart Speaker in the UK.


Digital/Connected Audio advertising offers the advertiser attribution and measurability that broadcast could never dream of. Local/Regional Radio publishers have lost millions in ad revenues over the last decade to Online Display, SEO and Social Media because of the detailed analysis that is freely available, especially as budgets have been squeezed and ROI has become the only currency the bean counters will countenance. Through audioadpro, Local/Regional marketers can now exploit the huge potential of the digital audio advertising opportunity with the accuracy, measurability and confidence previously only available through online digital marketing such as Google PPC, SEO and Social Media Ads.


Some audio publishers have sales representation in the regional advertising market and focus solely on their own/partner portfolios, understandably. audioadpro makes the whole world of online connected audio available in one simple and achievable gateway that was previously not realistic to local or regional marketers because of the sheer number of publishers/platforms and the complexity of the purchase.


Audio engages listeners on in a very personal and emotional way, to connect with those listeners in the most effective manner; commercial messaging should be real and relatable. The repurposing of broadcast radio ads, as an example, ignores the context of how the listener consumes digital/connected audio. To paraphrase Howard Luc Gossage “people don’t listen to ads, they listen to what interests them and sometimes it’s an ad.” Realistic and relatable ads served to the listener in an appropriate context to engage the listener personally and emotionally and will deliver the best ROI. audioadpro studio curates commercial audio messages that do just that.


Smart Speakers and Smart Phones provide a route to the audio market for local/regional marketers that was previously unavailable. Digital, Connected audio provides cost-effective measurable advertising opportunities for all, it’s an advertising medium whose time has come. Speak to us at audioadpro and we’ll make the time to help you make the most of this Digital Audio Ads opportunity.

It’s the SMART choice.

Fill in the online form and we’ll do the rest, you can talk to us if you want, we love a natter and a brew, but we won’t take it personally if you’re too busy and you’d rather not and want to crack on digitally.

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