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Any marketer will tell you all about the Funnel. Some call it different things, but most versions have a Top of the Funnel, a Middle of the Funnel and the End or Bottom of the Funnel. It’s an age-old and effective way of describing potential customers in terms of their level of purchase intent for your product or service.

You probably already focus a massive part of your marketing at the end of the Funnel. This is where people are ready to buy what you sell any day now, if not TODAY. We find most of these people via Search Engines like Google. They are searching for what they want right now and are (almost) ready to buy. You have to be here. Either through PAID or ORGANIC. If you are not on page one when they search, then you are not in the game. This is a bun fight and can be highly competitive either from a PPC or SEO point of view. Like in the good (not so) old days of Yellow Pages ads, where you had to compete to be the biggest and earliest ad in your sector.

There is a stage before the Funnel. We call it Tomorrow’s World. In Tomorrow’s World, millions of people do not (yet) have a need for your product or service. There has not yet been a “triggering event” in their lives to bring them into your market and search for what you are selling.

The strategy of positioning your brand in the minds of these current “Out-Of-Market” audiences is not only extremely beneficial in the longer term, but it can also prompt the development of purchase intent and convert some purchases before the highly-competitive Google search bun-fight.

How does this play out in the real world?

We’ve all heard of Top of Mind Awareness. A simple question of “who do people think of first when they consider buying what you sell” Brands that have won this position in the mind, win the biggest market share too.

Share of Mind always leads to Share of Business. Read any marketing paper from the leading academics in the world of Business and Marketing and this is always the case. If you want a bigger Share of Business, then you need to have a bigger Share of Mind.

The equivalent today in Digital Marketing terms is Branded Search.

For example, if someone was to come into the market today for your product or service before they even search Google they will search their brain. You need to focus on Brain Engine Optimisation. Get on page one in their mind, before they go anywhere near Google.

Think of this as the “Sell before the Search” It can be a lucrative long-term growth area for your business.

We’ve seen, first-hand, the value in the online website conversion percentages that come from traffic reaching your website from Organic traffic sources. It’s why SEO is such a massive industry in itself. Organic traffic can see conversion rates 5x and 10x higher than Paid Search.

Branded Organic Search traffic is EVEN stronger. People searching for you by BRAND NAME or by a Unique Call-to-Action can see massive improvements in your overall performance.

Digital Audio Ads can drive this massive shift into Branded Search, or Unique Call-to-Actions (UCTA’s). They can make sure your Share of Mind is dominant before the Google Search. The Sell-Before-The-Search. Is this the Holy Grail? Could well be.

Why not talk to the audioadpro team, about how Digital Audio Ads can drive Organic and Branded Search traffic and conversions from your website?

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