“To advertise on radio, don’t advertise on the radio”


This latest excellent piece of work, “Generation Audio“, commissioned by Radiocentre with d.fferentology details how audio listening is now greater than ever and it’s growing exponentially.

One of the key factors the report highlights for this ubiquity is accessibility, specifically with 93% of adults having a Smartphone and 39% of Households having Smart Speakers. These ‘connected’ devices make the audio easier to access and therefore the perfect accompaniment to modern busy lives.

The headline to this post is counterintuitive, but the reality is that particularly if you’re trying to reach Millennials & Gen Z’s, the vast majority don’t access radio via a radio, whether that be FM or DAB. 

Indeed, for 15-34-year-olds Rajar’s latest MIDAS Survey published in November 2022 states that a huge 79% listen to audio via a ‘connected device’ – FM radio devices and DAB radio devices are not connected devices.

Live Radio is still by far the most popular form of audio consumed, but if you’re in further and higher education as an example, or any other sector targeting the Millennials and Gen Z’s, radio reaches these in huge numbers, but to reach them efficiently you should advertise via connected audio devices.

Why not talk to the audioadpro team, about how to harness the power of Digital Audio Advertising as part of your mix?

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