When it comes to Digital Audio Advertising…Less is more…


If, like me, you get overwhelmed when in a restaurant and you’re given the menu, only to find it has a ridiculous amount of options, you’ll struggle to know where to begin. My default is to stick with something familiar and therefore the point of trying to tempt me in to try something new is just lost on me.

We see correlations with the above in the digital/connected audio sector worldwide with the overwhelming explosion in content and opportunities over recent years:

  • Over 8,000 online radio stations [450 in the UK]
  • 49 million adults listen to the radio in the UK every week
  • 1.3 million podcasts recorded in English
  • 19.1 million Britons listen to podcasts
  • 13 billion mobile game downloads [Q1 2020]
  • 11.8 million mobile gamers in the UK
  • 39 million monthly users of Music Streaming services in the UK,
  • but how many are on paid-for [ad-free] subscriptions?

These are quite mind-blowing numbers, now imagine all of the above and more, spread across different suppliers, sales houses, networks etc and then break those down into hundreds of different categories [verticals] and frankly your head will explode.

At audioadpro we recognised that whilst attractive and potentially game-changing for smaller/regional advertisers audio advertising is, the biggest challenge is where do you begin and who do you believe?

So, we created a simple pathway for you: 


The disconnected reality of digital audio advertising has inevitably restricted the opportunity for those advertisers who don’t have the resource or expertise to exploit its potential to the fullest in their specific market. audioadpro connects you with the whole world of audio audiences in one convenient place.

Fill in the online form and we’ll do the rest, you can talk to us if you want, we love a natter and a brew, but we won’t take it personally if you’re too busy and you’d rather not. Less is definitely more.

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